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In a globalized business world having an effective and efficient online collaboration tool that connects work colleagues, business partners and their customers around the world around is a very important business tool to have. Adobe Connect is one such collaboration tool and is a Flash based software program that is widely used for online Web conferencing. It is a very effective tool and can be used for Web meetings, presentations, e-learning, webinars and screen sharing. In this free online course about Adobe Connect you will learn how to get connected and interact with people using VoIP communication systems, how to collaborate with work colleagues or customers, for example, by uploading and sharing files such as PowerPoint presentations, or writing and drawing on a whiteboard. You will also learn about the different views available for screen sharing. This course will be of interest to companies, organizations and business professionals who may benefit from online collaboration in terms of increasing productivity and saving costs by attending and presenting online meetings on their desktop, and to all learners who would like to learn about Adobe Connect and its use as an online collaboration tool.
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