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1-Hour Wordpress Basic Tutorial

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In this free course , you will learn the basics of The Wordpress platform, which is used to create blogs and websites. This easy to follow video course will enable anyone with basic computer skills to create a wordpress website using your own ... read more

This section is called The Beginning and it is the first of ten sections. In this section, we start by understanding how we arrived to exactly the point at which we're standing. This is about looking at patterns, assumptions and beliefs. ... read more

السياحة هي صناعة عالمية كبرى تبلغ قيمتها أكثر من تريليون دولار من العائدات سنويا، وتمثل جزءًا مهمًا من اقتصادات العديد من البلدان والإقاليم في جميع أنحاء العالم. وبوجود أسواق ضخمة مثل الصين التي لم تصل بعد إلى كامل إمكاناتها، ستستمر أهمية صناعة ... read more

تلعب الموارد البشرية (HR) دورًا رئيسيًا في المنظمات الحديثة والشركات، سواء أكانت من القطاع الخاص أو العام أو القطاع التطوعي. يشمل هذا المنهج المعروض مجانا عبر الإنترنت موضوعات متنوعة في مجال الموارد البشرية، من دور مدير الموارد البشرية وكيفية تعيين ... read more

This free business skills course introduces you to the world of operations management and is useful to those who wish to learn and understand more about the role it plays in organisations. Using an interactive presentation style, the lessons ... read more

Advanced Chemistry 1

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This free online course offers an in-depth exploration of general, organic and analytic chemistry. It examines various topics such as chemical equilibrium, rates of reaction, chromatography and their applications in real-world industries. These ... read more

Fundamentals of Human Resources

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This free HR ALISON course introduces you to the world of Human Resources management (HRM) and is a useful introduction to those who wish to learn and understand more about the role it plays within organizations. The lessons examine the various ... read more

Diploma in Project Management

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This free online project management professional certification course from ALISON offers a comprehensive review of project management such as methodology, tool sets and documentation, and the project life cycle including analysis, planning, design ... read more

This practical free online course is another addition to our Intermediate English courses. It helps learners improve their fluency and understanding of English by focusing on native speakers and real-life situations. This section covers Tourism and ... read more

Customer Service Training

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Good customer service is vital for all businesses, large or small. It can have a direct impact on customer loyalty and where potential customers choose to spend their money. Simply put, the higher quality customer service you provide, the higher ... read more

Leadership Skills in Business

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Successful entrepreneurs need more than business ideas, they need to be good leaders. This free online course from ALISON reviews the essential leadership skills an entrepreneur or business person needs. These skills include the knowledge and ... read more

Successful business management practices implemented by skilled and knowledgeable managers are vital for the continued success and growth of any business. This free online course introduces you to essential business management skills and practices. ... read more

Achieving Personal Success

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Tom Kelley is the highly respected general manager of IDEO, a firm that helps its clients create innovative products, services and environments. He is also the author of best-selling books on creativity. In ALISON's free online course about ... read more

This course is presented by professional marketer Kate Rodan, co-founder of Proactive Solution, a health-science company dedicated to researching and developing products for dermatological and skincare problems. In this free online course, she ... read more

Computers and software are an integral part of the modern business organization. A successful manager will be expected to make informed decisions on the type of systems and software that will be used in the organization and to aid the organization ... read more